• The Absolute

    True nature

    The Absolute  is our true Nature and the experience of oneness looked for in all spiritual practices.  In this course we learn to perceive the Absolute clearly, and in doing so, find ourselves finally at home, in Being.  We learn to shift from the mundane, to this boundless electro magnetic field.. and the more easy that shift becomes, the more restful and expansive we become at the depth of ourselves.  Here we come to know ourself in new ways,  both simple and miraculous.  To know oneself simply, is truth. To know oneself as miraculous.. though beyond concept..  is truth as well..

  • Diamond Body

    Diamond consciousness

    Accessing our Diamond Body is perhaps the most important aspect of our spiritual journey.  The Diamond Body is also called ‘The Friend’, and is the source of Guidance, with many attributes.  Some times it shows itself in Precision and Objectivity, other times more you will find yourself making intuitive leaps and experiencing Direct Knowing, and Revelation.  Often the Diamond Body is doing its work on levels we are not normally conscious of.  It is the Source of the Diamond Teachings and the very compass that guides us into discovering and living our Essential qualities and our Essential Self.  The training here is both subtle and penetrating, as it calls on many aspects that we may not have known that we had, or that they had purpose.  One thing is for certain.. you will from then on walk with guidance as a true friend. Life takes new perspectives.. a new ‘view’.

  • Point of Light

    Individual spirit

    As the Absolute is the ocean, and our basic nature. The Point of Light is the spirit of you as an individual.
    It is not experienced as a field of presence like the Essential Living qualities or qualities of Love… it is experienced as an igniting spark of life and purpose.  The Point of Light is the star of our life, and has a life force that wants to shine.   Our Point knows just how to shine and connect the relative with the Absolute.  It is not just desire or wanting from the personality.. it is a calling from the soul to know itself and its purpose.  This course is an ignition itself.. into our souls purpose and play.  Contact with our Point of Light brings an alive sense of meaning to our lives, inspiration, creativity and… delight.

  • Pearl

    Embodiment of the Spirit

    The Pearl is the embodiment of our life’s process.  All of the integration, understandings, and experience matures in our soul, creating our unique pearliness.  There comes a natural attuned connectedness with ourself from the marrow of our bones to the touch of our finger tips.  In contact with this substance, interaction with the world also becomes smooth and easy.  There is a natural resiliency and flow that brings a satisfying communication with this world around us.
    Pearls are not made easily.. no.. but if they were, they would not have the value that they do.  The inner Pearl is also like this.   Value and maturity, ease and grace.

  • Citadel

    Fortress of our Being

    This is the fortress of our Being. We are ready for this now. It is here that we experience our purity. Purity emanating from wholeness. It is here that any remaining fragmentation of the soul unite so that we may walk our walk. This is a time of integration, where our souls purpose takes root. In the light of this new era of unity and light, feeling the support of the sangha helps us see and thereby let go of any old efforting to hold things together. In the presence of our Citadel, our path becomes clear.. and courageously we take one impeccable step at a time.

  • Holy Cities

    Natural value and ethics

    This is the time, and we are the people, it is said, and exhaulted in the presence of the Holy Cities, moved and touched by existence, we experience the very sacredness of life.
    ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand’. We are sacred Beings, and this is the Kingdom.
    The experience is not light weight… it is a solid sense of grounded presence in the truth of ourselves with the community we find ourselves in. Ascending with both feet on the ground.. this earthy presence supports our becoming one with our Point of Light, blossoming with natural value and ethics.

  • Kaaba

    Protection and healing

    The Kaaba together with the Holy Cities are our ethical compass’s that shows us the direction, the way, and makes the corrections to our structures that are needed to stay true.  We may know the fullness and delight of our presence, but we need the benifits of the Kaaba to return to presence and to heal.  The Kaaba is rooted in the Deep, and helps us return to what is real.
    Our journey is now taking us more deeply into the sacredness of our moments, of our life, and into the truth of our presence in them.

    For this we call on the Kaaba.

    The Kaaba is a Grand Vehicle, and the great protector.. and thus protected, we can meet that in us that has split, due to abuse from the ouside and the inside.  Thus protected, we come to heal and to know the Sacred Feminine.  Thus protected, we allow ourselves to take the time and space that is needed to stay in connection with our jewelled nature, refreshed and pure.

  • Stupa

    Integrated Being of Essence

    The Stupa is a state of Presence that includes all aspects of ourself, as a relaxed yet Essentially charged potential.
    The Stupa is not a static state of accomplishment, but the living fluidity of being present to continued let – go.
    Thy Will be done.

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