• The Path

  • The Journey
    Diamond Logos is a contemporary path for spiritual development, blending insights from modern psychology with understanding from the major spiritual and mystic traditions, like buddhist meditation techniques and Sufi wisdom on Essence. The school provides a detailed map of the human psyche, both in her limited as well as her free form. De teachings help us to understand and regain access to the many qualities (Essences) given to us. These qualities make us who we are, our true nature and deeply human.

    A turning point
    We usually start our personal work as a result of a sense of feeling limited or inadequate in our experience of life. We feel separated from the flow of life and love. We know there is more out there. And somewhere, in that exploration, we find ourselves on a journey for Truth. Something in us starts to resonate and we start to listen. The journey continues, and we start looking for an understanding, a frame, that meets us exactly where we are. That is where a path starts to emerge. Diamond Logos is a path, a path that meets everybody where they are, and that enfolds itself in its own momentum and speed.

    What is Essence?
    The first thing we learn on the path of Diamond Logos is the experience of Essence. Essence comes up when we contact our natural state of being. Essence is true presence. There are many qualities and flavours in Essence. Qualities like strenghth, joy. We do not need efforting to feel joyful or strong; they are the natural fruits of our being.

    More than therapy
    The Diamond Logos work starts where therapy often stops. Diamond Logos teachers have a deep understanding working with Essence as well as an education or background in psychotherapy and bodywork. In the Diamond Logos work we invite essence. In connecting to qualities of essence everything that is associated or attached, in our system, with this quality, comes up. That is how we meet our limitations and contractions that disconnect us from our essential self.

    Inquiry as a method for self exploration
    Through inquiry we explore our essence as well as our contractions and disconnections from essence. With curiousity we open up to our experience of our body, our emotions and our thoughts. Unfolding takes place. Something in our body, our emotions or our understanding moves. We experience ourselves fuller and our lives feel more meaningful and fulfilled.

    Enfoldment as an art form
    In the deeper connection to the experience of our selves, we find our being opening itself like a flower, blossoming. New qualities emerge and old limitations dissolve. The conditioned self loosens up and generates space for spontaneous moving with life and a more authentic experience of ourselves. Diamong Logos provides a path that helps us understand what happens inside of us, and to slowly understand what it is we truly want in and from life.