• Teachers

  • Faisal Muqaddam


    Faisal Muqaddam is a psycho-spiritual teacher and originator of the Diamond Logos Teachings, and Diamond Logos Academy.

    He has been teaching in the U.S.A. since 1981, and leading retreats in Europe since 1997.

    Born in Kuwait in 1946, he originally trained as a Reichian therapist with Dr. Phillip Curcuruto in California, andstudied different systems of growth with esteemed teachers such as Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Dr. Claudio Naranjo and Middle Eastern Sufi teachers.

    He speaks of a lineage, rich with teachings and cultures, and the carpet of experiential knowledge he weaves is a balanced synthesis of them all.. each contributing and rounding the vision that has come through him.

    Faisal has a spirited and heartful approach to teaching the Diamond Logos path. His international students find him a delightful inspiration, as well as a gentle force of clarity and heart. Faisal is the guiding star that has ignited many others to live, love, and often teach this beautiful work that he has unfolded.

  • Vedanta Aspioti

    Senior Teacher

    In Vedanta’s 30 plus years of experience in the therapeutic field, she has always been at the conjunction where psychotherapy and spirituality meet. Her journey has been one of discovering and teaching the mysteries of the Soul. After an out of body experience at the age of 18, Vedanta became a well-known medium in Greece and Germany. She then became a disciple of Osho in 1987 and a whole new dimension of channeling opened up for her, in which she used her psychic gift toward the healing of others.

    Vedanta is trained in several therapeutic approaches such as Primal Therapy, Codependency Therapy, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt therapy and Body-Oriented Psychotherapy including the Bodynamic approach. She also trains psychotherapists and people from other healing professions in working with people with her own integrative approach in the Power of Light institute, of which she is the founder. In this training she teaches her unique perspective on channeling, therapy and spirituality, dedicated to the process of transformation and unfoldment of the human potential. In 1996, Vedanta survived an airplane crash in Australia and this incident became a real landmark on the path of transformation in her personal journey.

    Vedanta has been in training with Faisal Muqaddam in the Diamond Logos Work since 1997 and is a senior teacher in the Diamond Logos field. She has been offering Essence work in Greece and Germany for many years.

    Currently, she is living in Greece where she works as a therapist and a teacher, bringing the dimension of Essence into the world of therapy and channeling. Vedanta is a mother of a beautiful daughter since 2003.

  • Rani Willems

    Senior Teacher

    Rani has been working in the field of psychology and spirituality since 1980. Her work has changed form many times, always mirroring the development of her own evolution.
    In 1998 she experienced a strong awakening and started to share satsang. A few years later she crashed and after a deep crisis and an intense search for a teaching that would embrace the totality of being, she luckily found the Diamond Logos. Immediately she became a student of Faisal Muqaddam.
    She lived for 17 years in India and her intensive contact with the Mystics Osho and Amma have deeply influenced both her and her work.
    The vastness of both her inner and outer life experience make he a very qualified teacher and guide.
    She teaches the full spectrum of the Diamond Logos work. Her focus is the integration of personality with being, to return to our natural state and be a conscious human being, fully standing in our own light.

    “Sharing this work is the dance of my heart and the song of my soul”

  • Ko Bakker


    Ko teaches the courses ‘Essential Living’, ‘Dimensions of Love’ and ‘Vehicles of Being’. He also offers individual sessions. He is coordinator of Diamond Logos Nederland. Ko is a psychologist and awareness trainer. He has worked since 1983 as a body oriented therapist. He is willing to make deep changes in individuals and groups. He has studied in the Buddhist field and has studied with Faisal Muqaddam since 2003.

    Ko inspires individuals to trust their Being. His style is sensitive and loving, warm and clear. He listens to what is behind the words and stimulates people to deepen their contact with their inner knowing and to express their uniqueness.   


    +31 (0) 6 30254344

  • Hassan Elkadi


    Hassan experiences life as a continuous journey of discovery in which he continues to develop himself and is fully enjoying life in all its facets. His greatest passion is in life itself, in understanding it and in discovering the Essence. Discovering the essence of himself and others is what inspires and nourishes him. To give more form to his passion he studied consciousness coaching and joined the Diamond Logos work in 2010.

    From personal experience and personal growth he realised that human potential is more unlimited and more capable than he would have dreamed. His own development is the actual basis of his work as a teacher and coach, and the theory supports him in that.

    Respect, commitment, integrity and equality are core values in his teaching. His style is characterized by clarity, attention, friendliness, lightness and a lot of warmth.


    +31 (0) 630568683