• Essential Living

  • During these courses we will spend two days on the connection and embodiment of one of the Essences. We will spend the days on meditation, teaching, transmission of the Essences and exercises like inquiry and light bodywork. We will also share experiences and feedback.

    The teacher's role in this process is one of a catalyst. He embodies the essence and from that essence he will guide participants with precision, objectivity and love.

  • Space

    Inner freedom and openness

    When we experience the dimensions of Space, we feel beautifully open, expansive, clear and free. Our mind without content is simply clear and open space. Space brings a natural capacity for change. At the same time, it is a stabiliser for the open, clear mind. Space erases the limitations, self-images, and constrictions of our past conditioning. With Space, we experience the freedom and openness of our Being.

  • White Essence

    Support and grounding

    When this Essence sits in our body, we feel rooted, grounded in Essence, and deeply supported. This Essence gives us the capacity to feel at ease, supported, and in touch with Being in the midst of our daily life. Here we know Essential will and confidence. White Essence brings resolution to issues of over-efforting and feelings of deficiency. We experience feeling centered in ourselves, and we are neither distracted by our thoughts and emotions, nor by the external world.

  • Red Essence

    Strength, courage and aliveness

    When this Essence flows in our body, we feel strong, courageous, and passionately alive. This Essence gives us the capacity to meet our life challenges and opportunities with a feeling of strength, capacity, and enthusiasm. Red Essence brings resolution to our issues around anger and the fear of separation. We experience a sense of expansion and the courage to move on.

  • Black Essence

    Peace and power

    When this Essence flows in our body, we feel deeply peaceful and very intimate. This Essence erases our worrying and over-active mind and settles us into a depth of peace and tranquility. Black Essence allows us to meet and resolve our issues around the fear of death, doubt and hate. We experience stillness, peace of mind, and direct knowing. We gain access to our inner protector of Essence – the defender of Being.

  • Green Essence

    Compassion and loving-kindness

    When this Essence flows in our body, we feel bathed in kindness, gentleness, and compassion. This Essence gives us the capacity to meet our inner experience with loving kindness, acceptance, and gentleness. Green Essence acts as an inner balm, soothing our sorrows and sadness. We experience compassion for ourselves and for others. We can tolerate vulnerability and woundedness, and stay with it with healing awareness in our heart.

  • Yellow Essence

    Joy and curiosity

    When this Essence flows in our body, we feel exquisitely happy and light-hearted. This Essence releases the burdens and heaviness in our heart and gives us the capacity to celebrate and live joyously. The Yellow Essence resolves our issues around false loyalty, our complex mind, as well as issues around our wishing and wanting. We experience the lightness and simplicity of Being, and we leave the shell of our parents’ imprints.    

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