• Dimensions of Love

  • A major aspect, and attraction of our Being is toward Love.

    In these six courses, you will be introduced to six very different dimensions of love . Learning to distinguish and recognize these dimensions of love will enrich the way you experience and engage with love in your life.

    Liberating these dimensions of love from some of the conditions your mind places on them and recognizing them as aspects of your own, ever present Being will bring a healing touch to a broad range of issues in life.  Be blessed by love.

    Love Essences are qualities of your own inner presence. They are emanations from your true nature.  In Diamond Logos we use meditation, inquiry into our moment-to-moment experience, and direct transmission of Essential qualities, to increase awareness of these aspects of your own inner presence. When awareness of an inner aspect of presence develops, this aspect becomes increasingly available to you and begins to function as a resource in your daily life.

    The courses are suited for people of all backgrounds and walks of life who wish to discover and deepen their connection to their souls Essences.

  • Pink

    Unconditional Love

    This love makes you feel welcomed and appreciated in life in an unconditional way, rather than as a reward that is dependent on your achievements or actions.
    It makes you feel fundamentally loved and lovable. Your heart, mind, and body feel soft and healthy.
    When you know Pink love, you will not feel under appreciated or undeserving of love. Pink love brings back your sense of perfection in the world and in yourself.

  • Milk

    Nourishing Love

    The Milk love nourishes you and brings you a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.
    It makes your flesh feel juicy and relaxed like an infant’s.
    When this love fills you up, it leaves no room for feelings of hunger or neediness or of feeling that scarcity of love forces you to either give up or fight to get what is yours.
    When this love fills you up, you naturally begin to overflow with love, compassion, kindness, and helpfulness in your daily life.

  • Merging Gold

    Merging Love

    With Golden love you melt with the world, with others, and with yourself.
    It feels warm and sweet like golden, liquid honey. It soothes your nerves.
    It brings you a feeling of oneness that heals feelings of separateness or of dependency.
    It lubricates your system so work becomes easier. It brings a loving glow to your life.

  • Pomegranate

    Ecstatic, Passionate Love

    Pomegranate love heats your blood and turns it into the blood of life. It is the love that makes your heart feel uncontrolled, free, and fearless. It makes you drunk with love.
    It shows you your heart’s true passion. It brings a poetic zest into your life.

    With this love you can truly love, as if you’ve never been hurt. It is fire and emptiness. No fear, no mind, total energy, and total power.    

  • Luminous Black

    Intimate Love

    This is the love of intimacy. It is that refined and sensitive attunement to self and others.
    You feel it as a gentle, soft, boundless darkness. It is the silent night that feels safe, friendly, and very familiar.
    With this love, you may be alone, but not lonely. With this love, even when you don’t know the way, you are never lost.    

  • Living Daylight

    Loving Holding

    This love is your basic trust in life. It is the loving holding environment where you can naturally develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
    It is like opening a window and allowing the fresh summer sunlight to flood the room. The more you bathe in this Loving Light, the more the hidden layers of frozenness and shock in your system can be touched and begin to melt.
    It is the embrace of existence that holds you always. The Living Daylight returns you to a natural state of trust and love.

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